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Q. What does it cost to become a member?

 A. Adult memberships are $50 - Casual lessons are $15 per class

     Junior Memberships are $30 - Casual lessons are also $15 per class

Q. How do I become a member?

 A. Simply fill out our sign up form and select your plan inside the members zone tab.

Q. What do I wear if I don't have a GI?

 A. Active sportswear will be perfect.

Q. Is there a free lesson trial available?

 A. Absolutely, all new students are offered a free trial.

Q. What age groups do we teach?

 A. Our Dynamites are aged 5 - 7 years old, Dynamic Scorpions are aged 8 - 14 years and Adults are 15 +

Q. I am new to Martial arts and have absolutely now skills, what should I expect?

 A. You will be welcomed into our friendly training environment, treated with full respect and you will start with

     fundamental techniques and skills to help your journey.


Q. Does Dynamic CQC Jujitsu have Insurance (sports Cover)?

 A. Yes at Dynamic CQC Jujitsu we have top level sports cover insurance as part of your membership.

Q. Does Dynamic CQC Jujitsu have accredited Instructors?

 A. Yes, at Dynamic we have Certified and accredited Boxing/Martial arts Instructors.


Q. Does Dynamic CQC Jujitsu teach self defense techniques?

 A. Yes at Dynamic CQC Jujitsu you will learn tactical and effective combative techniques to help you stop

     any bully quickly and effectively as well as learn how to control the adrenaline in any adverse situation.

Q. Does Dynamic CQC Jujitsu teach ground techniques?

 A. Yes we teach a large variety of techniques from the ground, ground escapes and submissions are part of our

     core syllabus. 

Q. What are the skills I could expect to learn?

 A. You will learn a mix of traditional & modern Jujitsu techniques, Close Quarters Combat, boxing & kick boxing skills,

     HIIT fitness, Weapons defence and much more.


Q. Does Dynamic CQC Jujitsu do sparring and if so will I need to participate?

 A. Yes, we teach boxing/kick boxing and sparring is optional, no student will be forced to do anything they are not ready

      to do or feel uncomfortable doing.

Q. Will I need to be fit to start?

 A. No absolutely not, all our members work at their own level.

Q. Does Dynamic CQC Jujitsu have online learning content?

 A. Yes, we have a library of written and instructional video tutorials for all members of our system.

Q. Will I need to train every lesson is once a week ok?

 A. Yes, you can learn our system at a self-paced level or train as much as you desire or whatever is best suited

      for you, your family or around your potentially busy lifestyle.

Q. Will I need to grade?

 A. No, you do not need to grade. Grading's are fun and the feeling of that sense of achievement is always great

     but definitely not a requirement.

Q. Do you teach weapons?

 A. Yes, we teach a large variety of weapons defense.

Q. What is the average time to reach Black Belt in your system?

 A. Average time frame for our adults, varies from 7 - 10 years depending on the level of consistency and abilities.

     A Junior Black belt typically takes 5 - 7 years to achieve.

Q. Do you have a list of everything you teach at Dynamic CQC Jujitsu? 

A.  Yes, at Dynamic CQC Jujitsu teaches effective striking techniques, evasion and counter drills,

     50+ Takedown variations, over 20 effective throws, ground and Standing defence from strikes holds and chokes,

     grappling (sports Ju-jitsu), full contact sparring, outdoor reality-based training drills,

     basic to advanced joint locking techniques from both standing & ground positions, tactical chokes and escapes,

     a large variety of Arm, wrist, body, leg, knee & Ankle bars plus entanglements, multiple attacks defence, tactical

     weapons defense & awareness, body and mind conditioning and a large variety of group fitness drills.

Q. What are the gradings like at Dynamic CQC Jujitsu?   

A. We often say, the hardest gradings to conquer are the Yellow and Black Belt gradings respectively.

Q. What makes Dynamic CQC Jujitsu so popular? 

A. At Dynamic CQC Jujitsu, we love watching our students technical abilities and confidence grow, every lesson

    is different and you never walk out feeling disappointed, we also love building confidence in our members.

    As each student progresses their skills, we often pressure test their abilities in a safe environment,

    giving you more confidence to build faster and more advanced skills.




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